WORLD OF DREAMS I hope the sun goes down I close my eyes tonight living in my dreams I want you so, my love I'm living for lonely moments You touch my life the strong beat of my heart I hold your hand - I need you so we come together. Show me the way my love tell me what we do in the strange night I'm waiting - I will kiss your eyes - any time See, it's a magic night please give me your love - it's a wonder oh, help me tonight - can you hear me I'm burning - when I see your face - every night Give us moments Forget the time now we live in a world of dreams Whenever I hear you whenever I see you I'm burning, my heart is crying Sometimes I need you Sometimes I love you Oh no, the day comes - why don't you stay longer! I feel the dream is over. The night was not real. I close me eyes, I hold you. The new day is coming. I miss you so.