RULE THE GLOBE We ain't here to follow but our minds went blank in our town. In our family and all around. In the whole wide world a new law spreaded out. Nature's law has ceased to rule the globe. See the Lord, he laid all the seeds of race. He once was the real one. He made all the spaces all around us. See the lords, who promised us more delight and we disbelieved the signs warning us to follow globalize the fear producing more reducing means in everlasting waves. The reds all vanished, despite of all the studied men. They were telling us to share all parts. Teaching children the rules of Charlie Marx. Not lasting such a long time, for the breakdown of the whole regime. See the Lord, he gave us a property. You cannot deny the right to own all the keys to solve our problems. See the world has turned to a field of fight for jobs and the living wage. How long can we carry on in this wasteful way. We have to face the bitter truth. Our system's failing, too. Don't clear the rain forest. Don't kill the last resorts. Don't cut away our jobs just for profit's sake. Or you'll be swept away from the globe again