You can believe, a song
 is always hard to please me.
 You understand we want
 to get into your life.
 I ask you, listen to me.
 There's no obligation.
 You're always free to let
 us get into your life.
 Into, into, into your life (3 x)
 You're lost in a fear or two.
 You just can hear me.
 You understand me, too.
 There's nothing on my bill.
 You'd like to follow me
 You're free to heed me.
 You go three-hundred miles
 until you really see me.
 Oh you know, it's really true
 ev'ry one can climb a mountain.
 Tell me why are you standing still.
 Ev'rybody letting go!
 How can we follow you
 You all can hear it.
 You understand we do,
 there's no-one still alone.
 You can be only you
 You will believe it.
 You understand the clue.
 Come into my life.
 You are not hollow, too.
 Just as long you hear me.
 You understand and let
 us get into your life!
 Into, into, into your life.......