(Version of WAR for the US-market, WAR having been declined by the US-record company for its inconvenient words - in 1976)

 A day full of work is done now and I want to rest.
 But noise follows me in my room - no silence to get:
 Guns going off on the late late T.V.-show,
 transistors blare from below, jets chewing air with a scream above me -
 There must be something wrong!

 Noise, everywhere, everywhere - look around man!

 Look how we live in the country and towns;
 Well there's not much for us.
 Highways and buildings of concrete and steel,
 an airport not far away.
 Planes wake me up, I can't sleep in the night -
 and they find that it's right.

 Noise, everywhere, everywhere - look around man!

 We must take care that technics can't get hold of us,
 'cause if we don't stop we will kill ourselves in a while,
 bad smells fill the cities, no green in the towns,
 Mother nature gives up with a sigh.
 No water to drink and bad air to breathe -
 and that will be the end!

 Stop! Stop it now! Can't you see it's late! Stop it now!
 Silence and peace is all we need....